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March 10, 2022

War and Racism: The Next is Worse

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War and Racism

 The Next is Worse


One of the worst pictures, these days, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, is the one that we have seen in Western channels regarding refugees, bearing a level of racism that can only be described as the decline that Arabs and Muslims are still experiencing, and they may reach its bottom, soon, but in It’s worse than what we’ve been through.


Many Western media and politicians’ comments brought to us comments that made us aware of the hierarchy of values ​​that the West has always been saying to us that they are universal, and befitting all human beings of freedom and justice, documented in agreements ratified by all mankind, that protect the individual in the event of wars and conflicts, and forcing him to emigrate and seek refuge, but According to certain criteria, the common culture within the circle of the West includes white skin, blue eyes, blond hair and, above all, Christianity.


This article attempts to examine the double standards and how the meanings of asylum and being a victim of war differ from one nation to another, and misfortunes, then, take forms characterized by the peculiarities associated with everything that is color, religion, and culture, which must be from the West, alone and nothing else, otherwise You are human but without those rights, international conventions do not apply to you. And if you try to escape death as a result of conflicts and wars, you have to stay away from the West, which will not hesitate to mention all your related flaws, here, with the color of your skin and your religion, up to your culture that does not qualify you for the honor of asylum in the West, or your rights to life, Not only as woe and persecution to those of different origins who have attached terrorism, killing and refusal to accept everything that is Western, there you will become non-human, and bombs, chemical or internationally prohibited weapons may fall, but you may be killed by thousands and millions without a word No one has a word or a meeting is held to denounce, just as there are no ties to be severed and no penalties to be imposed.


If you try to escape death as a result of conflicts and wars, you have to stay away from the West, which will not hesitate to mention all your related flaws, here, with the color of your skin and your religion..

Three examples are sufficient, here, to see what the West considers justice and humanity. Perhaps we start from the refusal of some Arab athletes to meet their counterparts from the Zionist entity, and how the international federations of various sports punish them for violating them, alleging the Olympic spirit. However, here, on the occasion of this war, entire sports teams from Western countries refuse to meet their Russian counterparts, considering that this is out of the spirit of solidarity with Ukraine, and not a use of politics in sports, just like that player who, after scoring a goal, demonstrated his solidarity with Ukraine from Without commenting on the behavior, while the Egyptian player, Muhammad Abu Trika, was criticized as much as he was after expressing his sympathy for Gaza, when the International Federation itself considered that the behavior of the first athlete, Abu Trika’s solidarity, was anti-Semitic.


With regard to Western media coverage, any talk about the use of excessive force in the many wars on Gaza is considered anti-Semitism or supportive of terrorism, while Western channels, with their media and analysts, spoke words that only indicate that there is a political culture filled with racism about everything that happens to us or in Our Arab and Islamic regions, where the killing takes place without supervision, and where the victims fall without cameras that record (and document) the killing of hundreds in the Al-Amiriya shelter in Baghdad in 1991, and do not document what is happening in front of the Zionist crossings and checkpoints that completely cut off the Palestinian lands, just as they do not document This news is any infringement on the rights of refugees from behind the barbed wire in Greece, Hungary, or Belarus.

Those analyzes, channels, newspapers and magazines, wrote pages and conversations, all racist, and put a wall separating two civilizations, which can only be known through different religions, the colors of brown and dark skin here, and blonde and white there, as well as the color of the eyes, and the nature of culture, to allow the question why it is considered It is normal about receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine, and all measures are taken against them to integrate them, with ease, into the life of European countries, while those same countries closed their doors and built a fence on their borders, and all this is justified by economic crises, lack of money, and in many cases With the uncertainty that the refugees are really refugees, and not terrorists, the matter ends not by punishing tyranny and those who perpetuate it in our geographical space, but by restoring consideration to the tyrant, and considering what happened as a mere conflict in the entire world of backwardness and instability on a civilizational background nothing but, as if we were listening to Huntington, He justifies why history must continue and not stop, because the geopolitical space, outside the world of the West, carries with it enmity and rivalries, which must be fueled, even if this leads to what we see of millions of deaths and the continuation of the Arab exception. Islamic about change and progress, similar to the other world.


At the level of rulers, in the West, we have witnessed a complete racist and double-standard treatment of war. It has been emphasized that war is nothing but an attack on civilization and values ​​that are being fought in Europe, and that the invasion of a sovereign country and the displacement of its people is an international criminal. For this purpose, all measures with mandatory legal force are used, including sanctions, travel bans for Russian political figures, and a ban on flying over Russia and traveling to it, even though those crimes on the basis of which Russia is punished are committed by the Zionist entity. However, it is dealt with on the basis that it is part of that Western civilization, considering that attacking or criminalizing it is anti-Semitic, as if legal and moral standards have no weight except when it comes to the West with all its components, whether human, culture, land or religion.

The West and the other are two different worlds, even opposites, in everything. What was seen, against the background of the war between Russia and Ukraine, is a translation of this


All of this is happening, as if racism has become a syndrome for the creation of awareness of the human being and his dignity, but according to double standards that are used, here and there, according to data related to components of identity, awareness, awareness of human rights and civilization, completely biased to the vision of the West. He detailed it, accompanied by university researchers, in a huge book that included the various aspects of “biasing in the social sciences” (the title of the book) that are concerned with man, the same effort in which Anwar al-Jundi, may God have mercy on him, had highlighted the “mistakes of the Western approach” (the book’s title) and his view To man and all the sciences that surround him, as the West and the other are two different worlds, even opposites, in everything. What was seen, against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, is a translation of these dark features, but they are realistic and predictive of racism and bias towards the West, all biased.

Is what is being reviewed in the context of man’s vision and the realization of his values ​​in accordance with Western centralism, commensurate with a return to concepts that orientalism had enshrined in a superstructive framework, which we believed that globalization and the path of value compatibility, at the global level, contributed to the failure of its components? Will this return with all the momentum and intellectual strength to the arena, translated by all those racist stances, even against the background of the war and its brutal repercussions on humans? The answer remains pending until the end of the war and finding out all these repercussions, including on values ​​and the reality of the West, as well as the human being and the components of his rights and dignity, far from the centrality of the Western vision.


This is the civilized Western approach to war, and considering the saying “Lord is harmful and beneficial,” perhaps it is a return to awareness in the Arab mind, and it wakes up from its slumber in which it tried, in which, to forget that bitter truth that shows the West to be racist to the extreme.

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