Madaxweyne Siilaanyo Oo Ka Hadlay Weerarkii Ka Dhacay Magaalada London

Hargeysa(Ogaal):-Madaxweynaha dawladda Somaliland Md.Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud(Siilaanyo), ayaa naxdinle uga hadlay weerarkii ka dhacay magaalada London ee lagu la beegsaday dadka rayidka ah, waxaana uu madaxda iyo shacabka dawladdaas ba uga tacsiyaddeeyey weerarkaasi ku dhacay isaga oo tilmaamay in uu ahaa weerar naxdin badan.

Akhri, qoraal ku qoran Afka Ingiriisida oo hada ka soo baxay aqalka Madaxtooyada Somaliland,

Press Release: Presidential Condolences regarding London Terror Attack on Saturday night, 3rd of June 2017.

Date: 05.06.2017

The President of Republic of Somaliland;

H.E. Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo)

In The Name of ALLAH the Most Merciful Most Magnificent;

The terror attack in London on Saturday, 3rd of June 2017 was shocking and heartbreaking. The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo), his government members and the people of Somaliland are strongly condemning the horrific attack which has left scores of innocent people injured and dead. This cruel attack was outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians; it was an attack on all of humanity and the universal values.

The people who carried out the attack in London had only the intention to undermine the things that the people of this World Capital (London) hold most precious which are democratic values, freedom, openness and tolerance. They want to set religion against religion, community against community, and neighbourhood against neighbourhood. They want to spread terror and fear among the peaceful and civilised society of London which everyone longs for to be a citizen of it.

In these heartbreaking and sad moments, the government and the people of Republic of Somaliland stand with you and wish the people of United Kingdom in particularly the people of LONDON all strength and tolerance. Our thoughts, our prayers, sympathy and condolences are with the terror victims, their families and with the British people.

Released by: the Presidential Press, Communications and Spokesman’s Office,


Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland


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