SOMALILAND: Hargeisa residents warn woman spreading Christianity

HARGEISA — A local man from Hargeis’s Sheikh Nour neighbourhood expressed his grave concern and worry over an Ethiopian woman accused of spreading Christianity.

Abdi Osman Wa’as said an Ethiopian woman who recently moved in their area was secretly distributing Christian materials to children. He said she was luring kids by handing them sweets.

He said he first heard rumours about the woman and her advertising of Christianity and warned his wife to remain vigilant. He warned her about people smugglers and human traffickers. He admitted people misleading his children was never on his mind but he discovered the woman handed materials to his kids. Now residents are concerned the Ethiopian woman will baptize their young children without their knowledge or the children been aware of the religion. He further pointed out that the Ethiopian woman is said to have resided different residents in Hargeisa, and is intending to spread Christian religion.

The father said that they are on a position to apprehend her and bring her to court in order to face the justice. He indicated that the community raised their concern with local police. Mr. Wa’as said that they wanted to arrest her but she was no where to be found. He finally warned people in Hargeisa to remain vigilant over the Ethiopian lady and her materials.

COURTESY: Somalilandpress

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