SOMALILAND: President attends State Tournament Games

BURAO — Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo marked the end of Somaliland national youth games in Togdheer’s provincial capital of Burao on Sunday evening. The president crowned Marodi Jeeh as country’s national champions after they won all events in basketball, cross country and football tournament.

Abdiriyad’s first half goal proved decisive as Maroodi Jeeh defeated Haud 1-0 to win the state football title on Sunday afternoon.

After the final whistle was blown, president Silanyo delivered speech to spectators and supporters at Alamzi stadium. He said he was pleased with the way the games were organized and that sport was close to the hearts of everyone in Somaliland.
“I send congratulatory message to all teams representing their states that took part in the tournament, spectators and soccer fans that showed their passion for sports and zeal. I am delighted that the Somaliland youth have turned to sports,” he said.

The president further reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfill its campaign promises and develop sport in the country.
“One of the things we promised and campaigned as Kulmiye party if elected was to develop and support grassroots sports initiatives and motivate the youth. Those are our accomplishments that we achieved and we’ve developed other key areas including education. We pledge to set up new stadiums and we promise to build new stadiums for Sool team for showing passion, love and good spirit,” he added.

Moreover, the president applauded the two teams that reached the finals, namely Marodi Jeeh and Haud (Hawd).

“I congratulate that the two teams that reached the final and I send laudatory message to the champion and the runners-up and hope for success. We watched the games on Somaliland National Television and many people around the world were passionately following the competition from their TV-sets and online,” Silanyo echoed.

Finally, the president presented the medals and the trophy to Marodi Jeeh players and he also gave a certificate of appreciation to Somtel company for their role in making the broadcast possible by providing broadband internet connections and sponsors.

The government gave tremendous significance to the national youth tournament hosted in Burao. The games were inaugurated 1st December by the Vice president and went for 18 days.


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